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Contact your Think on Your Feet® Trainers, directly  is a leading communications skills training organisation.  Working with the top 500 companies throughout Australia and Southeast Asia, we design and deliver THINK ON YOUR FEET® workshops to help clients communicate with greater Clarity, Brevity and Impact®.

With three offices in Australia – in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane – and with over 25 years combined training and development experience delivering major training interventions for small and large organisations, we are ideally located to deliver a tailor-made training solution for you.

Our clients tell us they love working with a company that guarantees to meet all agreed outcomes and provides free after-workshop support for all participants on our workshops.

Our consultative approachattention to detail, passion for facilitating, and commitment to achieving best possible outcomes mean that you, your team and your organisation will always get the results you want. We guarantee it!

Phil Day, <mark>Melbourne</mark>

Phil Day, Melbourne

Think on Your Feet® Course Leader MELBOURNE

Based in Melbourne and working throughout Australia and Southeast Asia. Phil is a renowned international communication specialist.

Phil is a leader in his profession and an engaging facilitator. Phil is a Master Trainer of Think on Your Feet® and is recognised as a leading facilitator of the workshop.

Across the region he’s described as “a great communicator” and “someone who can communicate across all levels”. He has a passion for helping leaders and teams utilise Think on Your Feet® to speak with greater clarity and persuasive impact.

Melbourne Enquiries

    Pam Harris, <mark>Sydney</mark>

    Pam Harris, Sydney

    Think on Your Feet® Course Leader SYDNEY

    Based in Sydney, Pam has a wealth of experience delivering communication, leadership and personal development training courses. Because Think on Your Feet® makes such a significant difference to people’s success and confidence, it’s Pam’s favourite training program to facilitate.

    Pam has presented communication skills training programs and courses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and across Australia for people at all levels of their careers and all industries. Pam has facilitated many highly successful instructor led virtual training courses in Think on Your Feet® and other training topics. Pam designs communication skills training courses and learning activities to match the needs of her clients and her workshops are enjoyable, high energy and relevant. Course attendees say “Pam is an exceptional trainer, really engaged in her work which reflects on all she does”. “Her passion for learning and success is tangible”.

    Sydney Enquiries

      Peter Twist, <mark>Brisbane</mark>

      Peter Twist, Brisbane

      Think on Your Feet® Course Leader BRISBANE

      Peter Twist is a recognised expert in communication skills and has presented many high quality Think On Your Feet® training courses in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth and Hong Kong.

      Peter was the lead facilitator of the programme for one of Australia’s largest organisations and has facilitated training of the model in both private and public settings.

      Course participants describe Peter’s facilitation as “exceptional”, “the most enjoyable and beneficial training I have attended in my time with the company” and “Peter was excellent and he role modelled the Think on Your Feet® methodology in his facilitation”.

      Peter specialises in contextualising the Think on Your Feet® training program to the client’s environment and he provides complimentary after-workshop support to all workshop participants.

      Brisbane Enquiries